Food & Beverage

Production capacity is a vital consideration for growing food and beverage producers so packaging products for transit and display needs to be a safe, hygienic, and above all quick process.

Food-&-Beverage-3Adpak’s product range varies from simple manual systems, through to semi and fully automatic versions of our shrink wrapping machines as well as fully automated packaging lines to handle thousands of products quickly.

From pastries to sauces, tea bags to tinned goods and milk to soft drinks – Adpak has a range of shrink wrapping and packaging systems that can wrap almost anything.

With machines sourced from leading suppliers from across the world and the backup of a UK-wide team of technical support staff you can have confidence that we can deliver a solution to your packaging needs.

Adpak deals in both new and second hand packaging machinery, providing full aftersales back up and servicing for all our packaging systems.

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