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We’ve installed more than 10,000 shrink wrapping and packaging machines, and our customers include:


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What’s the difference between Vacuum Packing and Shrink Wrapping?

Within the packaging machinery industry, two prominent techniques, vacuum packing and shrink wrapping, compete for attention. While both serve the purpose of safeguarding products, shrink wrapping, when compared to vacuum…

Adpak to Display Cutting-Edge Packaging Solutions at PPMA 2023

PPMA 2023 As we glance towards the calendar, it’s apparent that the much-anticipated The leading UK event for processing and packaging machinery, robotics and automation exhibition (PPMA) is fast approaching.…

New BP802AR 350ST-VS, cutting-edge technology for the packaging of stacked products

Companies that operate in different sectors need to quickly adapt their production plants to new market demands and trends. Every day, more and more companies are trying to organize their…

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