Spiral Wrapping Machines

Spiral Wrapping Machines - Pack Shot. BÖHL has developed a variety of products in collaboration with automobile, construction, and manufacturing firms, producing cutting-edge, innovative equipment.Spiral wrapping machines – advanced packaging solutions

Spiral wrapping machines wrap products by continually rotating around the product (and through the middle of round products, e.g. tyres and tubes).

BÖHL has developed a range of products in partnership with businesses in the automotive, construction and industrial sectors – resulting in an innovative suite of cutting-edge products.

Spiral Wrapping Machine types

At Adpak, we appreciate that every product needs an individual solution to ensure perfect packaging. With the help of one of our principal suppliers, BÖHL, we feel this can be achieved using the standard range of spiral wrapping machinery for many products. However, if this is not the case, we can provide you with specially adapted solutions & if required, turnkey, fully automated packaging processes.

For more information on our machines or to arrange a demonstration, please call 01282 601444.

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    Spiral Wrapping Machines

    BÖHL spiral wrapping machines are ideal for wrapping both long products and ring-shaped products – making them an ideal solution for the construction, engineering and industrial sectors. BÖHL machinery is characterized by the following advantages: high efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost of consumables, low noise level, short set-up times, interlinkage with other equipment, as well as a comprehensive choice of machinery.

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