L-Sealing Machines

Our range of L sealing machines at Adpak are designed for a range of applications for organisations of all sizes. L sealer machines work by creating a shrink film covering that’s heat sensitive and sealed it around products. Then, with an attached shrink tunnel you can heat up the shrink film, allowing it to snugly shrink around the product without damaging it.
We carry three different types of L sealing machines at Adpak including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sealers. L sealing machines are the ideal solution for shrink packaging at lower volumes.


Manual L sealing machines

Manual L sealing machines provide a cost-effective way to seal products for commercial and industrial applications. It requires manual operation throughout the process and is designed with ease of use in mind. When the machine reaches the optimal temperature, the operator inserts the product into the opening before closing the hood for the sealing and shrinking operation to commence. The excess film is trimmed and the machine hood is released to signal that the sealing process is complete. It’s a fast process that takes under 30 seconds from start to finish.


Semi-automatic L sealing machines

Semi-automatic L sealing machines still require an operator to interact with the machinery, but it optimises a few of the processes throughout the operation. The operator places the products inside the shrink-wrap film before the sealing head is lowered. This action starts heating up the seals of the packaging, ensuring a snug fit. The semi-automatic L sealing machines work well alongside shrink tunnels to ensure a streamlined solution for sealing products quickly.


Automatic L sealing machines

Automatic L sealing machines offer much more autonomy for packaging and sealing products. It features a conveyor belt that automatically feeds items through the machine without operator intervention. The infeed conveyor moves products through the machine, placing them into the shrink film, which is followed quickly by the sealing process. When complete, the bagged product is carried along the conveyor into the shrink tunnel to shrink the film tightly around the product.


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