Shrink Wrap Film

Adpak supplies all shrink wrap film and packaging films necessary to complement our range of packaging machinery systems.

We hold extensive stocks of Polythene and polyolefin shrink wrap films, stretch wrap films and biaxially oriented polypropylenes at our premises in Nelson, Lancashire. We also provide fast shipping options on deliveries throughout the UK and Ireland – minimising the impact of stock shortages on your business.

Our specialist product managers can assist you in selecting the correct shrinkwrapping film for your application and offer you stock holding agreements to ensure peace of mind and continuity of supply.

Looking for a specific shrink packaging film or just some advice? To discuss your shrinkwrapping film requirements please contact us on 01282 601444 or by e-mail to

Shrink Wrap Film - Adpak

Shrink Wrap Film Types

Shrink Wrap Films - Adpak

Polythene films – Transit Packaging & Collation

Using the latest extrusion technology, we offer both mono and coextruded shrink wrap films.

Our comprehensive range caters for applications from standard collation shrink packs to coextruded coloured films for the mailing and on-line distribution market.

Shrinkwrapping Film - Adpak

Polyolefin Films – Display packaging

Using multi-layer and cross-linking technology, our Exlfilmplus™ is one of the toughest and most versatile display shrink wrap films on the market. Our films have an inherently greater window of seal and shrink performance at a broader range of temperatures.

Our range also includes our QSL quick shrinkwrapping film with low shrink force and our standard FP26, ideal for high speed applications. Films are available from 11 microns.

Stretch Wrap Film

Stretch Wrap Films – Transit Packaging

Our stretch wrap film offers very high puncture resistance, excellent clarity and appropriate cling and tack levels. We can supply stretch wrap film for both hand and machine application – to accompany our range of pallet wrapping machines.

Display Shrink Wrap Film - Adpak

BOPP Polypropylene – Food & Display Packaging

Available from 20 microns, our range of non-shrink polypropylenes are generally used in applications using flowrapping machinery to create pillow packs. Our films are used in both food and non-food applications and are available in bespoke sizes to suit our customers’ requirements.

Fast turnaround is available due to our ability to slit film from master reels. Printed films are also available as required.