Chamber machines

What are chamber machines?

Chamber machines are pieces of machinery in the packing process that seal a product up in one quick motion, shrinking the film and packaging around the product to ensure that the product inside has no undue exposure to the air around it and any contaminants. Picking the right chamber machines involves balancing several factors. These include:


• Product size: There are several sizes of chamber machines available, so you have a solution the right size for your items.
• Brand: Choose a reliable brand such as Adpak to ensure that you get a consistent level of quality.
• Features: Some machines have distinguishing features such as the ability to see the coolant level in a chamber machine.
• Regulatory alignment: Choose a brand that aligns with the regulatory necessities your company abides by, both in the machine itself and the products you package.


Balance all of these features when choosing the specific model most appropriate for your company. Consider your future products in addition to the products you already manufacture, as you can choose a product that serves you for years to come rather than a short-term selection for your current range.


Why use chamber machines?


Companies use chamber machines for several reasons, including:


Regulatory compliance

The way that companies package their products is an integral part of succeeding as an organisation, as some industries have significant regulations throughout. This is especially important in the food industry, as selling products that are tamper-free ensures that customers are safe when consuming their products.
By using a chamber machine, companies guarantee that every surface of the product has the cover it requires, protecting potentially vulnerable goods from the elements and keeping them appropriate for consumption.


Saving time

Time is one of the most valuable assets for a business. The more time a company saves in its processes, the more it produces and sells. Saving time at any stage in the process is a fundamental part of growing an organisation’s revenue beyond its previous potential.
Chamber machines speed up the packaging process. This reduces the chance of any blockages as a result of the organisation packaging products slowly, transitioning goods from the manufacturing stage to a sales-ready state as soon as possible. The flow of products is greater and the company benefits financially.


Greater efficiency

Efficiency refers to the amount a company produces with a static level of resources. The more efficient a company is, the less the production of any one product costs. This refers to both the production processes of the product and the packaging processes that the company follows.
Using a chamber machine is a method of ensuring a high level of efficiency in the packaging process. Further automating production in this manner means that you use the right amount of packaging film and other resources, whilst the process itself is completed by the machine. There is less excessive resource use and less waste from the process failing through human error.


Industries using chamber machines


Several sectors benefit from the use of chamber machines in the packaging process, including:



As a customer in a grocery store, getting the highest standard of food possible is a necessity. You not only reduce the risk of the food spoiling before its best-before date but ensure that the food you pick is more flavourful.



Confectionary relies on sugar being at the right temperature, moisture levels and air penetration for as long as possible. For example, a boiled sweet that becomes moist starts sticking to other sweets, and chocolate starts to spoil. When selling high-quality confectionery, focus on providing a quality seal that limits air access and keeps the products at the highest possible quality.


Adpak’s chamber machines

Adpak offers a selection of machines, with different sizes suitable for the specific needs of any individual product. Chamber machines by Adpak offer access to seeing the coolant levels of products so you know when coolant requires replacement, some with a semiautomatic L-sealing hood packer and automatic pack discharge. This automation is ideal for any packaging process seeking greater efficiency.


If you have an interest in a chamber machine for your organisation, see the range of Adpak chamber machines below contact us today.



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