Palletisers & De-Palletisers

Adpak’s range of Duetti palletisers, de-palletisers and handling systems are designed to handle the most demanding requirements of fully automated production lines, with the automatic stretch wrapping systems fulfilling the final process in a fully automated packaging line.

At Adpak we can offer our customers the best of both worlds; the ability to put together a production line as you would expect from a larger manufacturer but with the personal and bespoke service of a smaller business.


We can provide a full range of palletisers and stretch wrapping systems for commercial production and packing that includes Cartesian movement palletisers, Layer / sweep palletiser, Palletising cells with anthropomorphic robots and 4 axis column palletisers.

All our palletisers are designed to work with different types of products such as cartons, crates, shrink-packs, canisters.


  • – Management of more than one infeed/outfeed lines
  • – Optimum design with minimum footprint
  • – Highest safety levels
  • – Excellent balance between quality and price

Compact systems with integrated product packaging are also available.

The full Duetti range of palletisers can be found on their website:

For more information on our machines or to arrange a demonstration please call Adpak on 01282 601444.

Cartesian Palletiser

Cartesian Movement Palletisers

Wide range of cartesian movement palletisers. The high level of versatility allows their use in series, semi-automatic or completely automatic to suit the production and available footprint.

Layer Palletiser

Layer (Sweep) Palletisers

Automatic machines for palletizing crates, cartons, shrink-packs or bags by transferring a full layer of product onto the pallet. The process can be completely automatic adding modules for layer-card placement, pallet movement and pallet storage.


Our de-palletising solutions break down into the two main categories: Layer or inflatable tubes de-palletisers.

Layer (Sweep): transferring a whole layer of product at a time the pallet to an outfeed table; stability and integrity of the product during transfer is ensured by a series of supports.

Inflatable Tubes: de-palletising of the product by pick-up and deposit with cartesian movement. The system uses a gripping head with inflatable tubes for rows of products for a stable transfer of the product.

The full Duetti range of de-palletisers can be found on their website:

For more information on our machines or to arrange a demonstration please call Adpak on 01282 601444.

Layer De-Palletiser

Layer De-Palletisers

Automatic machines for de-palletising bottles and cans by pushing the complete layer. The process can be completely automatic with modules for removing the layer card and pallet recovery.

Inflatable tube de-palletiser

Inflatable Tube (Lift) De-Palletisers

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic de-palletisers with orthogonal transfer of the bottles lott by picking up the layer with a series of inflatable tubes.

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