Automatic Cartoning Machines & Carton Formers

Cartoning Systems

Adpak can supply a wide range of Duetti produced mono-block/pick & place carton packers to meet the different needs of the market with a range of products designed & manufactured to suit the customer’s product.

Our wide range of possible solutions include:

  • – Pick & place packers
  • – Side loaders
  • – Wraparound
  • – “Lay-down” cartoning
  • – Lid & base cartoning
  • – Robotic cartoning

The multi-sector experience ensures we can work with all types of product, transferring technical knowledge from one sector to another, allowing the customer to access the most innovative technology and product handling compared to the competition.

The full Duetti range of cartoning systems can be found on their website:

For more information on our machines or to arrange a demonstration please call Adpak on 01282 601444.

Carton separator inserter

Carton Separator Inserters

The carton separators inserter can be integrated into a packer or a separate machine on the line. The separator is taken from the magazine and then opened, a second axis grabs and places it inside the carton after the product has been placed in the carton. In this way a second carton separator can be prepared whilst one is placed in the carton.

Drop packers

Drop Packers

Automatic carton packers which insert the product by “gravity”. The carton is prepared under the product or inserted from below around the product so can be sealed afterwards.

Display Case Packers

Display Case Packers

Cartoning machine to pack the product in a carton composed of a base and cover, also known as display box. The same type of machine can be used for packing in trays.

Monoblock Packers

Monoblock Packers

Vertical cartoning systems which can be used in all sectors which in a single machine allow carton forming, packing and closing.

Robotic Packers

Robotic Packers

Machines with integrated robots for handling and packaging the product by picking it up and depositing using delta (spider), anthropomorphic 4 or 6 axis or other similar robotic systems. Highly customized solutions to meet various work.

Pick & Place Packer

Pick and Place Packers

Vertical product insertion in the carton. The product lott which has previously been prepared in the required configuration is placed inside the carton with a vertical movement. The pick-up head modules can be switched over with ease by an unskilled operator.

Automatic carton closers

Wrap Around Packers

Wrap-around packers form the carton around the product from a flat blank. This type of carton forming ensures a high level of product stability inside the carton.

Carton Formers

The range of carton erectors, whilst offering to seal cartons with glue or adhesive tape also allows the possibility to add modules for inserting layercards, carton separators or tray formation.

Adhesive tape sealing
Sealing with adhesive with the option of a tape break and/or finish alarm.

Glue sealing
The glue is applied directly to the carton flaps by glue guns, first having been melted in a glue tank.

Layercard and carton separators
We can supply units for the addition of layercards and carton separators which increase product stability inside the carton.

Possibility to handle RSC and HSC cartons (full and open top cases) or trays with the addition of a dedicated module.

The full Duetti range of carton formers can be found on their website:

For more information on our machines or to arrange a demonstration please call Adpak on 01282 601444.

Carton Former

Carton Formers

RSC and HSC (American open and closed top) carton erectors, positive opening system upon request, lower carton flap closing with adhesive tape and- or hot-melt glue. The machines can be fitted with an adhesive tape break alarm and cartons at minimum level in the magazine to reduce production stops.

High Speed Carton Former

High Speed Carton Former

Automatic machines for forming cartons at high speed. The work cycle foresees the carton forming from a pre-glued blank which is opened and sealed on the bottom. Unlike other machines the carton is formed on its side and then turned up at the end of the forming process.

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