Heat Shrink Tunnels

How do heat shrink tunnels work?

A heat shrink tunnel works by condensing excess cuts of film found on the outside of a product once it’s undergone a wrapping process. The heat shrink tunnel ensures a seamless wrap on either end of the product and prepares it for delivery or store shelves.

Heat shrink tunnels are customisable, allowing the user to set up the heat shrink tunnel to work with different types of packaging. What’s more, they ensure a consistent end result every time and optimise production processes for manufacturers while rolling out identical packaging for products. The system is speed-adjustable, allowing you to align the system to various production constraints or deadlines.

What are the benefits of heat shrink tunnels?

Whether you’re wanting to improve the look of your products on a shelf or make the most out of your existing storage space, bringing in a heat shrink tunnel offers a number of benefits to businesses. Some of the key benefits that heat shrink tunnels provide businesses include:

• High-quality, uniform packaging to boost brand authority
• Ensures the safety of products during transportation
• Optimised storage space due to neat heat shrink wrapping
• Minimal wastage of materials which keeps prices low
• Improved production and manufacturing processes due to additional consistency
• Customisable settings to work to your standards and deadlines


Images: Heat Shrink Tunnels



T450 Heat Shrink Tunnel

T450 - one of Adpak's Heat Shrink Tunnels

T452 Heat Shrink Tunnel

T452 - one of Adpak's Heat Shrink Tunnels

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A range of products packed using Smipack L-sealing machines

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