High Speed Packaging Lines

Pack shot. Smipack packaging machines are available in our range, including high-speed single-reel shrink wrappers for plain and print display films, multi-pack cardboard wrap-around case packers, and case packers.

Streamline your packaging process with Smipack’s award-winning machinery.

Our Smipack range of packaging machines include high speed packaging lines – single-reel shrink wrappers for use with plain and print registered display films, wrap around cardboard multi-packers and wrap around case packers.

Smipack are a world renowned manufacturer synonymous with the food & beverage industry over the past 30 years – making them an ideal partner for Adpak.

High speed packaging lines – machine types

Adpak provides a comprehensive suite of packaging lines for a range of applications and industries. Below we have provided examples of our most popular machines. For more information on our machines or to arrange a demonstration, please call 01282 601444.