Complete End of Line Packaging Systems

Adpak Machinery Systems, along with GPI & Duetti, manufactures and supplies complete end-of-line packaging systems, including pick-and-place units, carton erect, load-and-close units, palletisers and de-palletisers, and robot cells, for customers who are looking for reliable solutions and want to automate their packaging lines to improve overall production speeds.

Adpak Offices

Adpak Offices

Bespoke end-of-line packaging systems creation

With many years of experience in the automation sector, together with the combined technical experience of their staff & coupled with the extensive high-quality product range, we are able to design & create the very best solutions possible for the production needs of all our current & potential customers. From off-the-shelf machines to bespoke systems, all are supplied, installed & commissioned using our network of quality engineers, with warranty & service packages available to suit the individual needs of all our customers.

Below are examples of typical components that could form part of a bespoke system.

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    Palletisers & De-Palletisers

    Adpak’s range of Duetti palletisers, de-palletisers and handling systems are designed to deal with the most demanding requirements of fully automated production lines with the automatic stretch wrapping systems fulfilling the final process in a fully automated packaging line.

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  • Automatic Cartoning Machines & Carton Formers

    Automatic cartoning machines

    The carton formers from the Adpak “FORMER” range are automatic machines for prepared American (RSC) cartons fitted with carton blank magazines, which open, erect and seal the carton. The cartons once prepared can be filled by hand or sent to an automatic carton packer.

    The range of carton erectors, whilst offering to seal cartons with glue or adhesive tape also allows the possibility to add modules for inserting layer cards, carton separators or tray formation.

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  • Automatic Carton Closers

    Automatic Carton Closers and Units

    The carton closing modules supplied by Adpak are automatic machines for top closing/sealing of American (RSC) cartons by adhesive tape or hot-melt glue. Some models are also suitable for sealing both the upper and lower carton flaps if this has not done before.

    Lid / cover forming and positioning modules for open (HSC) cartons or display boxes are also part of the range

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  • Robot Cells

    Robot Cells

    Adpak is able to develop a project by understanding the best solutions in terms of flexibility, productivity and space. The pick-up heads are the result of years of experience and can be custom designed or modified depending on the product to be handled.

    An innovative design combined with the wide possibility for auto-programming, makes these systems an important investment for the integration of future production lines.

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