Spiral Wrapping Machines

Specification: Spiral Wrapping Machines

BÖHL spiral wrapping machines are ideal for wrapping both long products and ring-shaped products – making them an ideal solution for the construction, engineering and industrial sectors. BÖHL machinery is characterized by the following advantages: high efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost of consumables, low noise level, short set-up times, interlinkage with other equipment, as well as a comprehensive choice of machinery.

One innovation that Adpak has developed is the use of a BÖHL spiral wrapping machine as an e-commerce / secure shipping packaging system for suppliers of building products, automotive parts and other bulky products requiring rapid secure packaging and labelling ready for shipping. The product is secured to a cardboard base using a strong clear stretch wrapping film, with the base then placed into a snug fitting cardboard box which is secured and labelled for delivery. Please see example images below:

Bohl spiral wrapper - inverter

Step 1: Product secured to pre cut base tray

Bohl spiral wrapper - inverter 2

Step 2: Base tray folded & put into snug fit box

Bohl spiral wrapper - inverter 3

Step 3: Secured product in box ready for sealing & labelling

Bohl spiral wrapper - inverter 4

Step 4: Box secured & labelled ready for despatch

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Bohl BSB 450 VA

Bohl Tray Wrapping Machine

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