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Introducing The Comarme Walker Manual Wrapping Robot

Walker Manual Pallet Wrapper

The Comarme walker manual wrapping robot is relatively new to our range as a low entry cost pallet wrapping machine and is now available to UK and Ireland businesses from Adpak.  The wrapping robot is easy to use and can be stored away if space is an issue.


  • Unique “PATENTED “only non-electrical Robot in the world, pallet wrapping with LLDPE stretch film;
  • Machine for stretch wrapping palletized loads of any shape, weight and size;
  • Advised for use and application of already pre-stretched film, with a coil diam. of max Ø 230mm;
  • Min. load dimensions 650 x 400 mm;
  • Min. load weight: 50 Kg;
  • Wrapping height (Pallet included) 2000 mm;
  • Light and easy and to use without the need to rely on the power of a motor;
  • Manual movement by operator;
  • The film carriage is manually moved up and down to suit the required wrap;
  • Marathon is notable for its simplified functions and ability to use pre-stretched film;
  • Replaces manual wrapping, at an affordable price


  • Double cycle (Upwards / Downwards)
  • Single cycle (Only upwards or only downwards)
  • Top sheet cycle
  • Multilayer bottom wraps
  • Multilayer reinforcement wraps
  • Multilayer top wraps


  • Brake system by means of tension roller
  • Manually adjustable from carriage
  • Film reel specs Max. outside diameter Ø 230 mm – Height = 500 mm
  • Core Ø76mm
  • Optional: Stretch film with core Ø50mm or coreless stretch film